Culture, Customs, Languages and Etiquette

Area: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos

Capital: Phnom Penh

Populace: 13,607,069

Ethic Groups: Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%, Chinese 1%, other 4%

Religions: Theravada Buddhist 95%, other 5%

Dialects of Cambodia

Khmer is the authority dialect of Cambodia and is utilized as a part of most social settings including government organization, instruction at all levels, and in the broad communications. It is talked by in the ballpark of 7 million individuals living there, about 90% of the populace.

Local contrasts are slight and typically commonly understandable. Taking into account the lingo of the capital city of Phnom Penh, Modern Khmer is utilized all through the country and broadly saw by its occupants. Much Khmer vocabulary utilized as a part of writing, the military, and organization is obtained from Sanskrit, or Pali. Because of years of French pilgrim standard, various French words have been joined into the dialect also.

Cambodian Society & Culture

Religionmap of Cambodia

. The greater part of Cambodians take after Theravada Buddhism.

. Beginning in India, the religion shows that life and passing in this world are joined through the idea of resurrection.

. Each individual carries on with a life as an issue being and relying upon their conduct will return in their next life as an issue or lower being.

. "Karma" is the term used to portray this - i.e. on the off chance that you do great you will have great karma. A harsh interpretation of this is, "you get what you really ask for."

Theravada Buddhism has the accompanying standards:

- Have the right contemplations.

- Have the right objectives.

- Speak the right words.

- Perform the right deeds.

- Earn a living in the right way.

- Make the right exertion.

- Be cannily alarm.

- Meditate.

Chain of importance

. Buddhism additionally fortifies a feeling of pecking order inside society.

. Interpersonal correspondence is based on the relationship between those included.

. Normal various leveled rules are that folks are better than youngsters, instructors to understudies and directors to subordinates.

. Friars will even stroll in rank request, most elevated in front and most lesser at the back.

. As an issue you may find that individuals ask individual inquiries - this is an intends to recognize your "rank" as opposed to being meddling. They may change the way they impart relying upon your status.


. Cambodia is an aggregate society - people take second place to the gathering whether this is the family, neighborhood or organization.

. In such social orders, decorum and convention rules are utilized to keep up a feeling of basic congruity - for instance unpretentious correspondence styles are utilized to minimize the shots of creating offense to others.

. The idea of face likewise ties in with this aggregate standpoint.

. Ensuring both one's own particular and other's face is to a great degree vital.

. Face can generally be interpreted as an issue of honor, poise and open notoriety that is ascribed to an individual.

. Face can be lost, given and collected.

. Outsiders in Cambodia need to be mindful of the mechanics of face to guarantee they don't result in anybody to lose confront as an issue of unintentional activities.

. Face is lost when somebody is condemned, humiliated or uncovered out in the open.

. It can be given by complimenting somebody openly, i.e. for their business keenness or friendliness.

Cambodian Etiquette and Customs

Meeting & Greetingetiquette in Cambodia

. Welcome between Cambodians are reliant on the relationship/order/age between the individuals.

. The customary welcome is a bow consolidated with an uniting of the hands at midsection level (like uniting hands for request to God).

. In the event that one expects to show more noteworthy appreciation the bow is lower and the hands brought higher.

. With outsiders Cambodians have received the western practice of shaking hands. Ladies may at present utilize the customary Cambodian welcoming.

. The straightforward tenet is to react with the welcome you are given.

. In Cambodia individuals are tended to with the honorific title "Lok" for a man and "Lok Srey" for a lady took after with the first name or both the first and surname.

Blessing Giving Etiquette

. Blessings are normally given at Cambodian New Year (Chaul Chnam).

. Birthdays are not enormous occasions like in the West and individuals of the more established era may not by any means know their date of conception.

. Not at all like most different societies, Cambodians don't celebrate birthdays. Actually, numerous more established individuals may not know the careful date of their introduction to the world.

. A little blessing can likewise be taken if welcomed to somebody's home for nourishment.

. In the event that welcomed to a home, take pleasantly displayed foods grown from the ground, desserts, cakes or blossoms.

. Abstain from giving blades.

. Blessings are generally wrapped in beautiful paper.

. Don't utilize white wrapping paper, as it is the shade of grieving.

. At the point when giving blessings use both hands.

. Endowments are not opened when gotten.

Eating Etiquette

. Social graces are genuinely formal.

. On the off chance that unconfident with the customs essentially take after what others do.

. At the point when welcomed to the eating table hold up to be advised where to sit as you would not have any desire to bombshell any progressive game plans.

. The most seasoned individual is typically situated first.

. Essentially the eldest individual ought to begin consuming before others.

. Don't start consuming until the eldest individual begins.

. Never examine business in such social settings.

Business Etiquette and Protocol in Cambodia

Gathering and Greeting

. As Cambodia is a progressive society the business world takes action accordingly as far as convention and practices.

. Appreciation and regard should dependably be demonstrated to the most senior individual.

. At the point when meeting a gathering you will be acquainted with the most astounding positioning individual, also you ought to have the most senior of your gathering welcome them.

. On the off chance that gatherings are included you ought to acquaint individuals concurring with rank so that your Cambodian partners comprehend the elements of the gathering.