I'm an Asian Woman

I'm an Asian Woman

It is not about the color of the skin, but it does have something to do with patriarchy. Guess what, today there are more and more examples seen of Asian women dating western men. With the upsurge of the online dating websites, it has become easier to date a foreign individual without any hassles. In fact, Asian women are finding it very interesting in dating western men rather than local guys.

I’m Asian girl and I do not want to date an Asian guy. Why? It is simple – the mindset of the Asian women has changed and it is now modernized. A contemporary Asian woman is independent and wants her partner to be on the same wavelength. Unfortunately, I believe that Asian guys fail to meet these basic criteria. Asians are marrying western men at much higher rates than any other racial groups. This inter-cultural trend has nothing to do with the skin color. But it has everything to do with the lifestyle, cultural sexism and patriarchy.

When an Asian woman says that she is looking for someone special, she means someone who has the looks, good physique, understanding of how independent woman she is. Well the Asian package doesn’t fit these criteria. The bottom line is Asian women refuse to settle for less. They want everything and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as both the individuals have similar understanding.

Humans are revolutionary creatures. Humans mate on the basis of certain desirable traits. It is not that Asian men lack these traits, but there are just not enough where Asian women find it desirable to date. Asian women prefer dating a man with more desirable traits and fortunately western men seems to fit the expectations. There are Asian girls and Caucasian men who are sincere about their relationships and in love with each other. The well-educated, well-traveled Gen Y individuals seem to be more amenable towards stepping into this kind of inter-cultural relationships. Both learn to speak each others language, and come to accept their cultural differences with an open mindset.

Why is there a struggle? Time zone and communication plays a vital role in keeping the relationship intact. In some cases it has been observed that the women tries to dominate her cultural perceptions and that annoys her man. She, at some point of time, may expect that the two of them should move back to her country.

The above mentioned cons of these relationships sometimes turns into a huge argument leading to an eventual breakup.

Mutual respect goes a long way towards acknowledging each others traditions. To make the inter-cultural relationship work it takes open minds to live with people coming from a different ethnicity.