Challenges with International Asian Dating

Challenges with International Asian Dating

International Asian Dating Relationship - More Than The Usual Dating Challenges

It seems that the dating trend is changing. The barrier of dating alike, i.e. regional and cultural individuals is breaking. Individualists have gone beyond the boundaries to search for their soul mates. All thanks to these online Asian dating websites, because of them it has been possible to know that there are people that exist in another region. It is now very easy to just log into the dating website and interact with people of similar taste. Individuals which could be residing in other parts of the world.

Yellow fever fetish?

Specifically speaking, this international Asian dating trend has taken a steep turn towards Asian countries. It comes as no surprise if you see an Asian girl dating a western man today. These dating websites are dedicated in serving those Asian girls who love Caucasian men and vice a versa.

Why do Asian women like western men?? If you look around any dating website today, you will find that Asian women are seen dating western men more than their own cultural guys. Why? Well, there could be numerous reasons from being fancied with their white skin/looks or their witty nature or just fancy dating western men. There has been a significant rise in this scenario lately and here are the reasons why:

The Hollywood look makes the difference. It is obvious, how many Asian guys have made a name for themselves? Hardly 3 will come to mind if you think about it. – Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Asian women love the George Clooney looking boyfriend, or someone who looks like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. You get the idea - the looks make a huge difference where the Asian men fall short.

Western men are more physically endowed. The majority of the western men are tall and handsome. A good, appealing physique like Vin Diesel is what Asian women desire. Asian men don't normally meet those standards.

No respect for Asian women. Another significant reason why Asian women do not have high regards for their own men is because they disrespect their women. Asian men are a narrow-minded crowd and are seen as not giving respect to their women. Asian women are ambitious and greatly encouraged to pursue their career.

No more arranged marriages. Gone are the days of arranged marriages. Asian women prefer their kind of life partner and western men seem to be suitable for today's modern Asian woman mindset. They want to choose their own partners rather than going with the regional choices.

Some challenges to talk about.

Like in any dating relationships there are ups and down, Asian ladies dating western men also experiences some challenges. However, these are meager challenges that can be worked out if both individuals having a strong mindset to take their relationship to the next level. The usual challenges of dating Asian girls are:

  • Long distance
  • Language barrier
  • Time scheduling
  • Western men are open in nature
  • Craving for togetherness

Maybe at first you won't click with each other, but there is no harm in trying! There might be someone who is able to match your wavelength. Don’t lose faith and confidence and if you have one right by your side, just make it possible to have a happy ending. Your Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, or other Asian Bride is waiting for you.