Desiring Asian women

Desiring Asian women

When you see a White man and an Asian woman what do you think? Asiaphilla? The yellow fever is on? Walk down the street or into any bar and you are sure to see that oh-so-familiar sight of the foreign mix - the western men dating Asian women. Visit any dating forum or online dating website and you will be able to access a myriad of conversations and dating requests. The appeal of Western men for Asian women largely lies in the fantasy indulging experience that communicates the feeling of mutual well-being.

What are the relationships actually like for the people who take the plunge and date Asian women?

Is It Exclusive?

The Asian women make better sexual lovers than other women, while at the same time they are more family oriented person and dependable. A man loves a woman who is caring, giving and has good family values – Asian women seem to fit these criteria and that is why there has been this change witnessed in the international dating relationships.

Like other dating relationships, international dating has its positive sides and negatives to deal with. It really depends on the individuals how they perceive. The positive attributes of the Asian women that lure Western men are:

Unique sex appeal

The Asian women are born with unique exotic features. They have an excellent skin tone, hair and less developed wrinkles. They are strikingly beautiful, and this is the primary reason they are appealing to the western man.

Asian women are spiritually grounded

They practice religion and take it as a serious part of their living. Their religion tends to bring the calmness, comfort and inner peace that western women lack. For Asian women loving their partners, bringing up the family and a healthy household is enough.

The hardworking nature is their second nature

It is typical for them to start helping the families from the time they are small kids whereas in western countries the kids are ignored and spoilt. The Asian women believe in working hard to provide a better future for their families.

It is true that power and independence is valued more in western culture hence it is more likely to see in western women. Eastern traditional values lies in social harmony, and community so that is what you find in the Asian woman. As discussed earlier there are pros and cons to the international dating relationship. The majority of the western men that find challenges in dating Asian women are:

Language barrier
Time zone differences
Trust and mutual understanding

The fact is that each person is attracted to certain characteristics in a prospective mate. Whether it is cultural, physical or behavioral. The attraction cannot be solely based on fantasy. It is unfair to pass judgment on a person regarding his, or her, culture, race and relevant characterisitics.